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Who’s Most Wanted Smartphone OS? Nielsen Survey: Android OS

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Many of us would have a particular question that, who’s is the most wanted smartphone operating system now a days? I also had the same, but Nielsen Company’s monthly U.S. mobile consumers survey has conformed me. Yes tomorrow Nielsen Company said that, the Google Android operating system is the most wanted smartphone platform now a days. The Nielsen Company made their first survey between June and September last year, while they made another survey between January and March of 2011 on the same topic, but the surprise was its result!

android best smartphone os

Between June and September of 2010, Nielsen Company asked to respondents that, which smartphone platform they are planning to purchase? Then the result says this figure; 33% going for iOS, 26% planning Android OS, while only 13% saying they’re going to purchase a BlackBerry smartphone. But when the same question was asked between January and March of 2011, then Google’s Android operating system said, he is the best. Yes, according to the result Android OS became the most wanted smartphone platform. Survey between January and March of 2011 says; 31% planned to purchase an Android phone, 30% named an iPhone, while BlackBerry device lovers gone down to 11%. Most interestingly, indecision (not sure) also grew from 18% to 20% in these two surveys.

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