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Verzion CDMA iPhone 4 isn’t As Popular As Apple Expected

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Well, it seems that Verizon iPhone isn’t holding up of Apple’s expectations. According to a report of DigiTimes, Apple has significantly decreased the production of CDMA / Verizon iPhone 4s in 2011. Also, DigiTimes reports that Apple has cut down production of the CDMA iPhone 4 from the originally expected 10 million units, down to only 5 million units. Let’s have more information on this from below.

CDMA iPhone 4 not as popular as Apple expected

“Meanwhile, Pegatron originally expected to ship 10 million CDMA iPhone 4s in 2011, but sources from upstream component makers pointed out that Appleā€™s orders already saw a significant reduction and the volume is estimated to drop to only five million units.”

For those are unaware, Verizon has officially announced the CDMA iPhone 4 for its network in February and recently reported that it had activated 2.2 million iPhones in only two months.

According to Fran Shammo, Verizon’s CFO, Apple’s next iPhone will be a “global device” compatible with all carriers. Also, he exposed this information during the company’s last quarterly earning calls. However, the question still stands that whether Apple’s next generation iPhone will be manufactured by long time iPhone assembler Foxconn, or by Pegatron.

So, what do you think on this? Have you got a Verizon iPhone 4 for yourself? Just don’t forget to share your views and comments on this.

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