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How to Use An Old iPod Touch As An “Apple TV” for Old TVs [Guide]

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Well, have you ever wondered on how to stream digital content to your old, standard definition TV? Though it seems a bizarre idea, as they don’t have HDMI ports, Apple TV is out, but still, if you have an old iPod touch, or an iPhone, then you can McGyver together something almost as good. Let’s have the step by step guidelines posted below on how to use an old iPod touch or iPhone as an “Apple TV” for old TVs.

Also, as you know, the current Apple TV is a great and an inexpensive way to stream content to your HDMI-equipped HD TV, but if you have an older CRT TV with composite (RCA video/audio) plugs, then you are going to have to get just a little more creative. So, for that, why don’t give a try to the old iPod touch lying around?


  • An old iPod touch
  • A set of Apple composite cables (It will cost you $39 and the Apple Store link is here)
  • A copy of the Air Video or similar app (It will cost you $2.99 and here is the iTunes Link]

NOTE : Instead of an old iPod touch, you can also use an old iPhone or even an current iPhone or iPod touch. But, if you don’t want to connect them with the old TV, hence I have recommended you an old iPhone or iPod touch.

How to Use An Old iPod Touch / iPhone As An “Apple TV” for Old TVs

Step – 1 : First, setup your iPod touch as normal.

Step – 2 : Now, plug your iPod touch into the dock connector on Apple’s component cables.

Step – 3 : Then, plug the USB out into an AC adapter, so that you don’t have to worry about charging.

Step – 4 : After that, install Air Video’s server client on your Mac or Windows PC. (Download link given below)

Step – 5 : Now, launch Air Video server.

Step – 6 : Now, go into “Preferences” and share the libraries that contain your media.

How to use an old iPod touch as Apple TV for old TVs (1)

Step – 7 : Now, launch Air Video on iPod touch.

Step – 8 : Then, add your Windows or Mac PC as a server.

How to use an old iPod touch as Apple TV for old TVs (2)

Step – 9 : Then, navigate to what you want to watch or listen to.

How to use an old iPod touch as Apple TV for old TVs (3)

Step – 10 : Now, hit “Play” or play with live transcode and watch away !

How to use an old iPod touch as Apple TV for old TVs (4)

That’s it ! You have done it !

NOTE : Unlike an Apple TV, there’s no remote for this setup which is a bit of pain. However, Air Video can transcode non-Apple supported video formats like AVI and MKV on the fly so you don’t have to worry about converting your collection before hand.

Well, if you’ll have any difficulty while going through the above steps, then don’t hesitate, just write to us in our comment section below. Also, if you are successful in doing the above, then also, don’t forget to share your experience on this with us. As usual, stay tuned with us for more recent updates.


Download Air Video server client from here.

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