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Steve Jobs’ Comments On What iPhone Tracks, And What It Doesn’t

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Well, the story isn’t being last here, actually, while being interviewed with Ina Fried of All Things Digital, Steve Jobs, CEO and co-founder of Apple, has commented that Apple isn’t collecting location data in the way most of the media has claimed over the last week. Let’s have more information on what else has Steve Jobs said in that interview about the iPhone location data tracking from below.

iPhone location tracking

Also, in a telephone interview that included the fellow executives Scott Forstall and Phil Schiller, Jobs claimed ‘we haven’t been tracking anyone’.

“We haven’t been tracking anyone,” Jobs said in a telephone interview with Mobilized on Wednesday. “The files they found on these phones, as we explained, it turned out were basically files we have built through anonymous, crowdsourced information that we collect from the tens of millions of iPhones out there.

Actually, the interview was prompted by reports of Apple’s iPhones keeping tabs on their owners’ locations in an unencrypted log file, often going back months. Hence, after so much of uproar, finally, Apple was forced to make comment yesterday through a lengthy question and answer session.

“As new technology comes into the society there is a period of adjustment and education,” Jobs said. “We haven’t–as an industry–done a very good job educating people, I think, as to some of the more subtle things going on here. As such, (people) jumped to a lot of wrong conclusions in the last week.”

“I think Apple will be testifying,” Jobs said. “They have asked us to come and we will honor their request, of course.”

“Some of them don’t do what we do,” Jobs said. “That’s for sure.”

Don’t worry, Apple has already promised to bring the new iOS 4.3.3 firmware update to fix the iPhone location tracking bug.

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