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Mobile Phone Market Grew Almost 20% Year-Over-Year [IDC Report]

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IDC has made a report considering top five mobile vendors shipments and market share for Q1 of 2011 comparing with Q1, 2010. Where they gtt, the mobile phone market grew almost 20% (i.e exactly 19.8%) year-over-year during the first quarter of 2011. And the only reason is more and more smartphones production. It’s also reported that, mainly Asia/Pacific region is more responsible for worldwide smartphone growth, while the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America are following them.

mobile phone market growth year over ear

According to the report, 371.8 million units of mobile phones were shipped in the first quarter of this year, while 310.5 million units was in the first quarter of last year, which leads a 19.8% market growth. As you see in the above report, Nokia remains the world’s largest mobile phone maker, though their market share dropped over 5% year over year and Samsung is following him as well by almost 2%. The most controversy lover Apple maintained the 4th position in this list and also added highest rate of growth amongst the top 5 worldwide leaders i.e over 5% of the market share and 114.9% growth year-over-year (White iPhones not included).

Source: IDC

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