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Why One Should Jailbreak His / Her iPhone? Here’s The Answer By Cydia Creator Jay Freeman Saurik

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Well, one of the most common questions that have been asked by the people in the iOS jailbreak community is, “why should I jailbreak my iOS device?” Actually, it’s a hard one to answer — some like the powerful tools, others just want to customize their home screen. Hence, Robert Scoble, the head of all things Geek, has decided to ask this very same question to the guy behind the Cydia jailbreak App Store, Jay Freeman “Saurik” and filmed the answers in a video.

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Well, according to Saurik, the first point that forced the iOS users to jailbreak their devices is customization and tools. Saurik shows off a couple of tweaks such as a Twitter app, which is activated by swiping down from the iPhone’s status bar (qTweeter) and a way to quickly access settings using a similar gesture (SBSettings).

Whether such kinds of additions to the iOS world are enough to warrant any possible instabilities as well as the inevitable wait for a new jailbreak every time a new version of iOS releases very much depends on the user, but the act of jailbreaking is as easy as ever these days and a restore is just a click awayshould you not like the experience.

In the video embedded below, you’ll some cool apps on @saurik iPhone 4 (Voicemail Forwarder – send VM’s through eMail, WinterBoard – custom themes, icons, sliders etc. (probably) LockInfo – information like calendar on Lockscreen, (probably) Color Keyboard – customize keyboard colors (buttons and background individually), SBSettings – quick toggles, Five Icon Dock, Graviboard – icons move/jiggle on gravity, Barrel)

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