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How To Watch The British Royal Wedding On Your iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch

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Well, most of you have been aware of that royal wedding which is going to be held between Prince William and Catherine Middleton, and it has been scheduled for April 29th, Friday at Westminster Abbey, London, England. This royal marriage ceremony has put many anxieties in people’s minds on how will it be, how will be look of Catherine (the bride), what will be served to the people in the reception bla bla bla….. Well, as long as you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and a reliable data connection, you don’t have to worry at all. Actually, there are a couple of options, just go through them and have a big day ahead!
How to watch Royal Wedding live on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

The Royal Wedding Live Stream

Your first choice should be the “The Royal Wedding Live Stream”, as this is the only official way to watch. This stream will be available internationally and is a YouTube hosted live stream. the coverage will be started at 10AM UK time and will be continued up to 4 hours. Also, this live stream will cover the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, the procession to Buckingham Palace, and the newly weds’ appearance on the palace balcony for an expected first public kiss. Also, William’s press office will provide a live blog providing commentary and historical information as well as additional footage.

Well, the YouTube Link is here.

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TV Catchup (UK Only)

Well, this is a UK only service that streams free-to-air TV channels. Also, you can stream BBC and ITV who will be showing all the build up and ceremony.

You can access TV catchup service on your iPhone [iPhone link] and also, there is a higher quality stream for the iPad [iPad link]. All you need to do is that just sign up for a free account, and after you have completed that, you can stream the required TV stations and enjoy all the celebrations.

NOTE :Well, these should be all you need to enjoy the Royal Wedding Ceremony visually. But, if you can’t stream any of the live video, then, you can still up to date on what’s happening by an official Twitter stream and a dedicated Facebook Page, that will be updated as events unfold.

Also, there is also a plethora of apps available in the App Store now, like YTLive.

YTLive promises to bring streaming goodness to iOS via their web app. The site works by taking any YouTube Live URL and then converting the Flash stream into something iOS can understand. The result is a (relatively) seamless experience and one that’s certainly better than the alternative of, well, nothing. Just hit play and you’re good to go.

Well, this is the marriage of the year, so just don’t miss it! That’s why we want our users to watch it live visually or manually, which is the main purpose of writing this article. So, just have fun, guys!

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