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MailPing [Firefox Add-on]: Instant updates for new Emails

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If you want to receive instant updates for new emails, then you should use MailPing. MailPing is a Firefox add-on that checks your Gmail and Yahoo Mail accounts for unread messages in your inbox. Its widget UI offers you one-click access to both services. You can find the add-on lying in the bottom left corner of your Firefox window. If you sign in to your Google or Yahoo mail account, it will display the number of new mails lying in your inbox.


MailPing allows you to access any new mail in your inbox, no matter what you are browsing. You will get instant notification for the number of new mails, as this add-on reflects the number of mails lying in your inbox.

MailPing is a very useful utility for those users who have frequent mailing needs. If you want to access an urgent mail while you are at your work, then you can check for any new mails in its notification bar. If you click the mail icon for Gmail or Yahoo, you will directed to the respective mailbox.

MailPing is a cool Firefox add-on that takes a very small space. This amazing add-on supports Firefox version 3.5 or later. It is a cross-platform add-on that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. You can click here to add this add-on to your Firefox.

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