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GradientStudio – Create Colourful Gradients

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GradientStudio is an easy-to-use and reliable software app that lets you create easy as well as complicated gradients easily. It packs lots of options allowing you to produce exciting and eye-catching designs. You can quickly create hundreds of different gradients, and it is possible to modify everything, from the colors to the amount of gradients that you want to include in each image.


GradientStudio Features

  • Choose the colors that go in gradients.
  • Define height and width of gradient.
  • Create linear or Curve gradients.
  • Define gradient step.
  • Export image, or gradient colors.
  • Export colors to create an HTML table.
  • Export image as bitmap.

With GradientStudio it is possible to obtain quality gradients to make any design nice and perfect. This software is really very easy to use, that can be used both by a home and a professional user. This freeware is just 726 KB in size and compatible with all Windows OS platforms. You can download it from here.

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