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How To Change The Admin Password With Mac OS X Single User Mode

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Well, here’s something for our Mac OS X users! If you are in IT, or just fixing GrandMa’s Mac, then, it’s not new to you to get a machine where you don’t have the admin user’s password. So, if you face such a situation, you can easily change the Admin password, or any other users, simply by booting into Mac OS X’s command line Single User Mode. Hence, I thought it to be essential knowledge for Macs’ troubleshooting.
How to change admin password with Mac OS X Single User Mode

How To Change An Admin Password in Mac OS X Single User Mode

Step – 1 : Firstly, you’ll need to enter Single User Mode. Now, reboot the Mac and then, hold down “Command+S” at boot to enter into the command line.

Step – 2 : Now, you’ll see a note where Mac OS X tells you that you need to run two commands in order to make filesystem changes, which is necessary, hence handle that first;

  • Well, the first command checks the Mac OS X file system for errors and fixes them, and it can take a few minutes to run;

fsck -fy

  • And, the next command mounts the root Mac OS X drive as writable, allowing you to make changes to the filesystem;

mount -uw /

Step – 3 : After the filesystem is mounted, you can reset any users’ password using the following command;

passwd username

Step – 4 : Finally, you’ll be required to enter the new password twice to reset and confirm the changes.

Don’t know the admin user name? No problem

If you are fixing someone’s machine and you don’t know the username to reset to reset, just look in /Users with :

At this stage, you’ll see at least three items, such as, .localized, Shared and a username. The username is what you’ll want to change using the passwd command.

Once the password is reset and confirmed, you can exit out of Single User Mode by simply typing exit or reboot. Now, the Mac will boot as usual and you’ll have access to the machine with the new password.

Well, if you’ll have any difficulty while going through the above steps, then, don’t hesitate, just write to us in our comment section below. Also, if you are successful in performing the above, then, just don’t forget to share your views and comments on this with us.

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