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Android Devices are Using Almost 66% Android v2.2 Froyo OS

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Are you an Android Froyo device owner? Then you should feel proud about that, why? According to the Google’s latest Android platform figures, Android v2.2 ‘FroYo’ is now leading the Google’s platform, because it has over 65% of the total Android devices, which proved Froyo is still far ahead that other Google boys. BY this figure you can’t say Android v2.1 Eclair is competing with Froyo, but you can definitely say Eclair is saying bey to Froyo, though Eclair still has 25% of areas. When questions arises about Gingerbread or Honeycomb operating system. Then my suggestion will be, please don’t ask about them. Because these two big fellows are actually not in this competition.

android chart

If we’ll talk about the Android Gingerbread, then it has just 4% of the total market because the delay by device vendors in pushing the updates. When the turn comes for real big fellow of Google i.e Honeycomb OS, then it’s acquiring almost zero i.e just 0.3%. Here again there is no fault of Google’s Android. But somewhere we are hoping that the recent tablet releases from Acer, Asus and Samsung might help to improve its figure. By the way we’re going to see what will be the next, aren’t you? But here we’ll go for the below table which will say all about the Google’s latest Android platform figures.

Android Version Distribution
Android 1.5 2.3%
Android 1.6 3.0%
Android 2.1 24.5%
Android 2.2 65.9%
Android 2.3 4%
Android 3.0 0.3%

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