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How To Add a Hard Drive Partition In Mac OS X

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Well, here’s something for our Mac OS X users! Actually, if you want to create a new partition in Mac OS X, then, won’t need to use anything fancy other than the built-in Disk Utility. Don’t worry, you are on the right track, and here’s presenting you the step by step guidelines posted on how to add a hard drive partition in Mac OS X. Let’s now head on below for more information!
How to do partition of hard drive in Mac OS X

How To Add a New Hard Drive Partition In Mac OS X

Step – 1 : First, launch “Disk Utility” from /Applications/Utilities.

Step – 2 : Now, select the hard disk you want to partition from the left side of the app.

Step – 3 : Then, click on the “Partition” tab.

Step – 4 : After that, click on the + button to add a new partition.

Step – 5 : Next, specify a name for the new partition, select a filesystem type (Mac OS Extended Journaled is default), and select a size either by manually entering a capacity or by dragging the slider bar in the partition map.

Step – 6 : Finally, click on “Apply” to create the new partition.

NOTE : You can make partitions any size as long as you have available disk space to accommodate it, and creating the partition shouldn’t affect your existing filesystem either as long as there is free space.

NOTE : Once you have clicked on “Apply” to create the new partition, it’ll be immediately accessible in the Finder to use how you want. A new partition will act as a new hard drive, and it’ll appear on your Desktop as a new hard drive, and it will appear on your Desktop as a new drive that can be ejected, mounted, formatted just like a hard disk.

Deleting a Partition

Deleting partitions is simply as easy as creating one. All you have to do is that follow the steps above to get to the partition table, select the partition you want to delete, then, select the partition you want to delete, and after that click the “-” button rather than the plus icon.

NOTE : Just keep one thing in mind that if you delete a partition, you’ll lose data that exists on it.

That’s it!

Well, if you’ll have any difficulty while going through the above steps, then, don’t hesitate, just write to us in our comment section below. Also, if you are successful in performing the above, then, just don’t forget to share your views and comments on this with us.

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