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Fast Facebook App – Quick access to Facebook

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Facebook users are frequently increasing day by day and there’s a need for an interface that would directly divert you to Facebook pages. Fast Facebook, a free desktop interface for Facebook users that can directly take you to Facebook pages. It’s a free and light weight app and you don’t require any sign up. Just install the program and start using it on your desktop.

Fast Facebook Interface

Fast Facebook is a very simple interface without any tabs, buttons, or menus. It lets you to log on to your Facebook account and you can directly access your Facebook wall, posts, and photos. While using this app, you don’t need to open web pages and your web browser. You will be directed to your Facebook account and you can use your Facebook account.

After launching the app, it will automatically create a shortcut icon on your desktop which will be similar to your Facebook icon. Fast Facebook app is very fast and uses entirely optimized codes. This free app is completely hassle free as it takes very less space on your disk. You can use this handy app to manage your Facebook account. After launching this app, you’re immediately connected to the Facebook servers so that you can begin your session quickly.

Fast Facebook desktop interface is compatible with all Windows operating systems. You can free download it directly from here.

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