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Three noobs, AKA 3noobs (in actual: 3 – n00bs) is a tech blog with regular updates on Apple, Microsoft, Software, Gadgets and more. The word n00b comes from “n00bie”, a word to define someone who knows nothing or very little about this or that. The following three noobs are currently working on this noob’s tech blog.

Jagannath Nayak

Jagannath NayakThis noob was into accounts earlier before getting into content development. He is a quick learner and determined to achieve the goal (yep, football is still round). He is currently developing all posts related to gadgets (camera, mobile phones, laptops and more..) and may soon get labeled as a “geek”. But who knows! He is still a noob! :P

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Prativa Khuntia

This noob hails from Cuttack, Orissa and is a science graduate. After completing her studies she joined us and now posting regular updates on Apple products, i.e. iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTunes, Mac, Apps, etc. She mentions that she is more interested in science related stuffs, lolz, what the hell Apple has to do with science? Another noob :D

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Avinash Das

Once this noob got the content development job, he updated his “About Me” part saying: “I have a keen interest in writing articles”. Lolz, if he had joined the Indian Army, he would have written “I have a keen interest in killing people” . Anyways, this noob covers software, internet and special reviews on 3noobs. Pathetic noob :P

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